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About Us

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Save Earth For Life operates through cleanliness drives, plantation drives, awareness campaigns, and eco bricks event. The The plastic collected through different cleanliness drive is converted to eco bricks and then utilised in making different usable structures such as resting chair, dustbin, etc. Save Earth For Life also collaborates with other organisations and departments to further spread awareness and the work. Not only this, but Save Earth For Life also helps the society through Social service such as food,cloth and ration distribution etc. Till date, Save Earth For Life has organized nemerous cleanliness drives, more than 1000+ trees has been planted and jointly been worked Environmental Activist Mr. Pankaj Kumar, and with Dr Vandana Shiva's Navdanya Biodiversity Farm. Save Earth For Life has been successful in all the actions taken so far and will continue to do, for a better future, healthier environment, and sustainable society.

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Who we are

Instituted on the 22nd of August, 2019, Save Earth For Life is an organization working towards the upliftment and the amelioration of the environment. With more than 100+ registered members, Save Earth For Life finally registered as a non-profit organization on the 15th of January, 2022, with its headquarters in Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri. Now, Save Earth For Life is a full-fledged organization working rigorously for its mission and vision. Save Earth For Life has members from the hills, Dooars, and other parts of the country such as Dehradun, Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. 

Save Earth For Life started with just a bunch of youths who wanted to come together and clean the city. But later, this small initiative progressed and pulled in all the youths with the same turn of mind under one umbrella and work for one goal and one purpose together. It started as a co-curricular activity but now has taken up the form of a campaign. 

Save Earth For Life to achieve its goals, works through different projects/programs/events, such as cleanliness drives, awareness campaigns, plantation drives, eco-bricks events, and many more. One of our greatest enemies we are fighting today is plastics, and public opinion, to have a healthier and sustainable environment. Save Earth For Life also collaborates with other organizations to move forward with the goal. Hence, Save Earth For Life is driven by the zeal to create a sustainable environment through ground-level work.

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